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Bodger And Badger Creator Andy Cunningham Has Died Aged 67

A true legend of children’s TV!

The creator and main actor in Bodger and Badger, Andy Cunningham, has sadly passed away aged 67.

He played a handyman named Simon Bodger in the hit kid’s TV show and also provided the voice for his black and white striped companion, a talking badger who had a love for mash potato.

Cunningham passed away yesterday at Royal Sussex County Hospital after a battle with cancer.

His sister Tessa said: ‘Andy lived to be loved and to make people laugh – starting with me, his little sister.

‘He had a quicksilver brain, a rebellious attitude, boundless compassion particularly for the underdog, unstinting levels of generosity and, of course, a passion for mashed potato.

‘I adored him and, long before he found fame, was immensely proud to have the funniest, cleverest big brother in the universe.’

As well as working on Bodger and Badger which ran from 1989 to 1999, he also worked on Star Wars – Return of the Jedi as a puppeteer.

Take a look at Andy Cunningham in action…….a true legend of children’s TV.

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