British Runny Eggs Declared Safe To Eat Again

Food watchdog declares eggs safe after salmonella scare 30 years ago

It’s official, the UK’s food safety watchdog has announced that runny eggs are finally ok again for pregnant women, infants and the elderly to eat.

This comes after 30 years of being cautious following the salmonella crisis in Britain in 1988 and the new study has allowed the Food Standard Agency to renew its guidance and allow people to enjoy their ‘dippy’ eggs once again.

The Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food (ACMSF) conducted the study and the presence of salmonella in eggs from Britain was shown to have “dramatically reduced” in recent years.

Eggs carrying the British Lion mark are also said to be “very low” and they make up more than 90% of UK eggs.

However, eggs that do not carry the British Lion mark, non-hen eggs and eggs imported from other countries are fine to eat but should be cooked thoroughly.

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