Carving Pineapples For Halloween Is The New Craze

People are swapping pumpkins for pineapples!

We all know that the number one piece of Halloween decor is the carved pumpkin. It’s something that has been enjoyed for decades and everyone can get involved in making them, plus there’s no doubting that they look great all lit up with a candle inside.

That might all be about to change though as people have started carving Pineapples instead of pumpkins and we’ve got to admit, they look brilliant.

Take a look for yourself and see what you think before making the decision between pumpkin and pineapple this Halloween.

β€’ Jack-🍍-Lanterns β€’ No to pumpkins, yes to piΓ±a coladas.🍹

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We think they look great and can bring something a little bit different to your Halloween display this year. The only issue is that they don’t last quite as long, so you may have to make them on the day, but hey, the carved out pineapples got to be a lot nicer to eat that pumpkin right!

Pumpkin or pineapple… decide!

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