Holly Willoughby Amazed By Couple Who Claim To Have 18 Hour Orgasms

Phillip Schofield left amazed at couple who ‘have orgasms from just hugging’!

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were left  shocked and intrigued by a couple who appeared on This Morning to reveal they can achieve 18 hour orgasms!

Scott and Melanie McClure, appeared on the popular morning TV show and claimed that they can climax for as long as 18 hours and if that wasn’t impressive enough, they have orgasms just by hugging.

The claim obviously left Holly wanting answers, she asked the couple;

“What does it feel like? Does it feel like a normal orgasm?”

Happy to answer Holly’s questions, Melanie responded:

“It’s more intense, it gets really crazy” her husband added: “It’s a full body experience. You get full level orgasms.”

Veteran TV presenter Phillip appeared a little more skeptical asking: “Have you not burst out laughing?”

Scott replied by saying: “We laugh about our orgasms,” he then went on to explain that he went through a wide range of emotions during the process, explaining: “Though this is the kind of thing you have to be open to.”

The pair also teach orgasm retreats where they help other couples achieve their full orgasm potential.

As if their claims weren’t extraordinary enough, Melanie went on to impressively explain:

“We can feel each other when we’re apart. We just orgasm though breathing,”

If it was that easy Melanie, nobody would get anything done! This article certainly wouldn’t have been written.

Ever the opportunist, Holly closed the interview by hinting she would be in touch with the couple for some hints and tips for herself.

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