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Ant & Dec Love Rat Husband JAILED After Wife Spots Him With Other Woman On Saturday Night Takeaway

How did he think he would get away with this.

Daniel Gundry, a now famous love rat, had been taking part in the surprise wedding of another couple on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway last year, when he was publicly rumbled!

Gundry’s wife, Helen, and her daughter had been at home watching the show, believing that Daniel was away working in Dubai. Both were shocked to see Daniel appearing on the ITV show with another woman (Susan Brooker) and appalled to later discover that this woman was Daniel’s secret second wife!

After realizing the situation, Helen Gundry instantly reported her husband to the police, accusing Daniel of bigamy.

Daniel Gundry, aged 39 from Ashford in Surrey, initially denied the claims of being married to both Helen Gundry and Susan Brooker but later admitted to bigamy.

Yesterday, at Warrington Magistrates Court, Daniel was handed his punishment. As well as being sentenced to six months behind bars, Mr Gundry was also ordered to make an additional payment of £115 for causing ’embarrassment, shame and humiliation,’ to both women. Helen Gundry and her daughter, left the court in tears as Mr Gundry was jailed.

Married in 1998, Daniel and Helen lived apart for several years until Mr Gundry had persuaded Helen to give their marriage another go and to move back in together. Helen agreed but had no knowledge of the fact that Daniel had secretly wed Ms Brooker in a luxury Seychelles wedding.

After spying the pair on Saturday Night Takeaway, Helen took to social media to discover the horrifying fact that Daniel had married again. Both women made complaints to the Cheshire Police.

Despite Daniel’s initial claims that he and Ms Brooker had only received blessings in the Seychelles, the court found that he had in fact married her by forging documents.