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Male Sex Robots With Bionic Penises Are Now A Thing

Penis envy is set to be taken to a new level.

For some time now, the idea of Sex robots has been on the cards. For decades, Science fiction writers have been playing with the idea of these frisky robots, but now, in 2018, these fantasies are close to becoming a reality!

In Science fiction fantasies, Sex robots have always been imagined as female which has lead to some critics questioning whether sex bots would eventually serve as a substitute for real Women. Check it out for yourself.

However, it now seems as though men could be in for some…hard…competition!
The creator of the RealDoll and, subsequently Realbotics, Matt McMullen, recently announced that there is potential for male sex dolls, complete with functioning male anatomy to be released later this year.

The pioneer of these sex robots is also responsible for extremely lifelike sex dolls which were released earlier, and the hope is to bring something that resembles intelligence to the bots. One bot has already been given a name – Harmony – and has been linked to an app and given a working robotic head.

Harmony still has a lot to learn before she is a convincing Woman bot, but she is certainly heading in the right direction.

Currently there are only a few versions of Harmony which come at a whopping £11,000 ($14,800) but McMullen is certain that there will be a demand for a male version as well as female and told the Daily Star Online that he is working on a male version of the robot AI to ensure that a male and female platform will be available to the public.

McMullen suggests that customers will be able to plug in these new male bots so that they can last as long as desired and adds that each bot will have varying penis shapes and sizes to cater for everyone but admits that it might be a while until his idea becomes a reality.

Dr David Levy, the world leading AI researcher, told the Daily Star Online that if McMullen is successful in his quest, these male sex bots could even become more popular and be in higher demand than vibrators and dildos, stating, ‘I’m sure women will find robots equally appealing as men.’