Watch Video: Man Tries To Buy People’s Dogs For $100,000

Their reactions were caught on camera.

If you own a dog you will know how important to you and your family they are. In fact, they are your family and many of us treat them just as we would do with any fellow human, probably even better a lot of the time.

However, YouTuber, BigDaws, has put this love for our canine friends to the test by going out on to the streets in Chicago with $100,000 in cash in his hands and asks dog walking members of the public if they will be willing to sell their dog right on the spot for the huge amount of money.

As expected, most of the replies are against the idea and you can see their obvious love for the dogs but BigDaws was surprised by one man and you’ll have to watch the video to see why that was.

Would you sell your dog for $100,000?