Mrs Brown’s Boys Triples Its Cash Pile Following Successful Tours

The show earned a huge amount of money in 2016!

Brendan O’Carroll, who also plays the lead character Agnes Brown in Mrs Brown’s Boys and is also the show’s creator, must be a very happy man at the moment (or is it woman?) as it has just been announced that the cash pile of his company Boc-Pix Ltd grew to a whopping £1.6 million last year.

This is an increase on accumulated profits from £249,301 to £878,896 and in the period ending August last year, the cash pile ramped up from £476,127 to 1.6 million.

Last year the show completed a very successful and high earning tour of Australia and New Zealand, with more tour dates planned for both in January and February.

O’Carroll has also seen his money piling up through sold out shows in the UK.

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