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People Want The Spanish Word For Black Changed As They Think It Is Racist

People are divided by this.

Once again we have something that has gone viral on the internet and has divided opinion, with a large scale debate starting and flooding social media with the aftermath.

This time it all started with a Mexican women named Becky put out a simple plea for help after her dog went missing and she took to Twitter to ask for help in finding her missing pup.

However, the dog is named after the Spanish word for Black, the colour of its coat, and now a large number of people are up in arms about the name and are calling Becky racist.

“Negro is missing,” “Please if anyone sees him message me!!!” her message read on Twitter.

People were less than impressed with her choice of name for the dog though and replied to her Tweet:

But not everyone thought this and many people were on Becky’s side, saying that the name wasn’t meant in a racist context and the pronunciation was also important.

Another Twitter user tweeted: “My dog’s called Spot. Guess I’d better change his name in, case it offends people with Acne. I could call him Buster… no, fat people. Rex? Offensive to creationists, dinosaurs and all that. Goddammit, I’ll call him Goddammit.”

Becky did fight her corner:

Becky tweeted afterwards saying: “I am so fed up with all this.”

We’re on Becky’s side with this one but what do you think? Unfortunately Negro is yet to be found. 🙁