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Spoiler: Will Emmerdale’s Debbie Go To Jail Over Acid Attack

Debbie Dingle fears the worst.

Debbie Dingle is fearing the worst as her acid attack case finally comes to court. If found guilty Debbie, played by Charley Webb, could be facing years in jail for her part in the attack that’s left Ross Barton scarred for life. Debbie has already arranged for Cain and Moira to look after her kids if she is sent down.

Debbie has had a hard time of late. The looming court case and it’s outcome has obviously been playing on her mind, giving her sleepless nights with the worry of it all. On top of that she is understandably anxious and upset about the disappearance of her fiancé Joe Tate on their wedding day. It would be a lot worse for her if she knew the truth behind his vanishing and the fact that he is actually dead at the hands of Cain and Graham on the orders of Kim Tate.

Debbie, played by Charley Webb.

It’s all been a bit too much for Debbie as her daughter, Sarah, finally returns home from hospital after her heart condition and Debbie tries to block it all out by spending as much time with the kids as she can as it could be some time before she gets to see them again.

Debbie is to blame for the attack on Ross Barton which was meant for Joe.

Show boss, Jane Hudson,  has warned that two Dingles are about to be ripped apart, possibly forever.

It’s going to be a dramatic Christmas on Emmerdale.