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There’s A Dog Version Of Monopoly And It Sounds Amazing

Every dog lover needs this.

Nothing quite says quality family time than a good old fight over Monopoly after losing all your hard-earned monopoly money, paying the rent for the dreaded hotel on Mayfair or Park lane. Guaranteed to have you flipping the board in a fit of rage!

The classic version of monopoly is rarely seen these days with all kinds of alternatives being readily available in our stores from The Simpsons-opoly to Harry Potter-opoly! But this new, unofficial version of the game is bound to get some tails wagging, and leave others with their tails between their legs.

Dog-opoly, celebrating man’s best friend, the amazing dog, Dog-opoly looks like a barking good time! Unless, of course, you lose.

The rules of Dog-opoly are pretty much the same as the original game but instead of investing in property and locations, you will be investing in individual breeds of dogs ranging from the poodle to the Pitbull! You can also become the owner of a butcher shop, a piece of delicious meat and a fire hydrant, perfect sniffing material for your pups.

The classic rule of collecting £200 when passing go remains the same in this doggy update but instead involves passing Go Fetch, hoping not to have to pay up for catching the dreaded fleas!

Sadly, like the original game, this version is not suitable for kids under 8 as there are too many small pieces that could be shoved up noses or swallowed.

If you want a version of this doggy game, it is now available on Amazon for £34.95 – A price, we’re sure, any dog-lover will be happy to pay but, if you are not a dog fan, never fear…There is also a Cat-opoly for all you feline fans and many other animal themed boards to suit any animal lover!