Will There Be A Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Special This Year?

Are we set for a Happy feckin’ Christmas in 2017?

The multi-award winning show, Mrs Brown’s Boys, is set for two sparkling new, hilarious Christmas specials this year and the news will delight the huge following the show has amassed over the years.

Mrs Brown’s Boys was recently voted as The Radio Times’ ‘Best Sitcom Of The 21st Century’ and the BBC have taken note by allowing two specials to be aired over the festive period.

The show’s creator, Brendan O’Carroll, will be putting together the show for the first time without Rory Cowan, who took the decision to leave the show earlier this year.

We are yet to know what the specials will be about but there is no doubting that there are going to be naughty jokes a plenty and we can’t wait!

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