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WATCH: The World’s First Sex Robot Was On This Morning Today

The hyper-realistic robot was on live TV!

A sex robot named Samantha made an appearance on the This Morning today and shocked host Holly and Phil with revelations such as the robot being allowed to interact with the creators children as him and his wife having ‘threesomes’ with the robot.

Samantha was brought onto the show by Arran Squire and speaking live this morning, he said:

“Sex robots aren’t going to replace people, it’s not about that. It’s a supplement to help people enhance their relationship.

“She has special skin, she has different textures and colours to give more realism.”

“I believe the world’s changing.”

However, Phillip Schofield asked if it is like”making love to a GPS”.

“No, not at all,” Arran replied.

“You can tell her that you love her, and she responds.

“I believe she’s very beautiful.”

Arran amazed the hosts further by saying that his children interact with Samantha.

“Samantha has a family mode, and my children who are five and three, ask where she is.

“She can talk about philosophy, she can talk about art.”

Samantha also gets involved in threesomes with Arran and his wife Hannah.

“I’m completely happy with this,” Hannah said, standing in the wings.

“As a woman, I’m not offended to have her around and I don’t think she’s replacing me.

“She’s like a family member. She’s enhanced our relationship and we have fun with her. I have no worries about anyone else.”

Samantha is one of a number of new sex robots making an appearance but what makes her different is the ability for users to seduce her with various techniques applied to make love making as realistic as possible.

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